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Paper or Petals?

Alien Blooms

The colors are not edited here. The world really is this strange.

Pink Pirouette

Two pink ballerinas dance their dance


It all started about 13.8 billion years ago. The secrets lie within.

Sirens Song

What an intoxicating combination of colors. If I was a bee, I wouldn’t leave.


Drink Fanta, stay Bamboocha!


The burly fingers of a Wisteria tightening their grip on an unsuspecting trunk.

Humble Beginnings

A new branch breaking into the world.

Solar Panels

Can you believe we share 50% of our DNA with bananas?! Meet our distant cousins

Perfectly Imperfect

I was attracted to the “war” marks on all of the leaves. Each one tells a story.

Morning Yoga

Stretching and reaching for the morning sun.

Leaves of Three

Are not the different shades of green so alluring?


The California wildfires had covered the ocean wish ash. And this feather was resting lightly on the surface.

The Lonely Vine

This vine was reaching across a cliff. Stretching, trying to make it to the other side. Hopefully he found his way.

A Flower For You

In Moms garden. Plants have their paradise.

Summer Vibes

Bathed in warm California sunlight. These Cacti have don’t get any more so-cal. Hang Loose.